What is a Technical Official


In order for swim meets to run effectively, we rely on people volunteering their time and skills. In swimming, all the amazing volunteers out on pool deck and in the control room are called Technical Officials or TO’s for short. These TO’s, along with other volunteers, are the backbone of swimming competitions everywhere!

New Technical Officials are always welcome and there are a variety of different roles that Technical Officials play at swim meets. To find out more about the variety of roles, please visit our Technical Official Roles page.

Becoming a Technical Official is a rewarding and excellent way to contribute to the sport, spend time with your children, create great lifelong friendships, gain professional development and potentially travel to incredible destinations. How far you want to take your officiating journey is entirely your decision.

Our website contain the latest information to help you get started on your journey and assist current official in developing their skills.

For any questions you may have, visit our Technical Officials FAQ page.

For even more information about becoming a technical official, visit Swimming Australia's New Officials Program.


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