2021 Annual General Meeting NT Swimming

30 September 2021


Swimming Northern Territory Incorporated


Agenda and Notice of Business of Annual General Meeting


Swimming Northern Territory Incorporated would like to invite members of Swimming Northern Territory to the Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday 23 October, 12pm at Knotts Crossing Resort, Cnr Giles & Cameron Street, Katherine. 


1.  Apologies


2.  Roll Call of Delegates


3.  Confirmation of previous minutes



4.  Accounts and Reports

  • Adoption of SNTI Budget
  • Annual membership fee
  • To receive and consider the annual accounts and the reports of the Board and the auditors report for the year ending 30 June 2021


5.  Independent President’s Report


     Garry Lambert to present the President’s Report


6.  Executive Officer’s Report


     The Executive Officer to present the Executive Officers Report


7.  Annual Report


     The Executive Officer to present the Annual Report


8.  Election of Office Bearers


     Consideration of and election of directors to those positions currently vacant

     4 Positions Vacant 

     2 years remaining


9.  Any other matters

  • Appointment of Auditor for the following year





Nominations for Board of Directors:


Nominations for vacant Director positions must be writing and submitted to the Executive Officer at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

Board Nomination Form

Board Skill Set Matrix


If nominations exceed positions a ballot is held (s33)

If nominations are less than positions, then they are auto appointed (s38.1)

Nominations can be called from the floor after all written nominations a position is vacant (s38.1)

Eligibility of members to stand is set out in s37

Nominations to be submitted to the Executive Officer by email by 5.00pm Friday 15 October 2021


Who may vote:

Delegates of clubs attending and voting at the AGM must be identified to SNTI at least 7 days prior to the AGM otherwise the President is presumed to be the Delegate.  If there is no President and no notice, there will be no voting rights.


Delegate Form

Proxy Form

Delegate and Proxy Forms to be submitted to the Executive Officer by email  nt.eo@swimming.org.au by 5.00pm Friday 15 October 2021



Swimming Northern Territory Constitution

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2020

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