Technical Officials

Swimming, similar to many other sports, relies heavily on volunteers. Swimming competitions and events are important to the development of our swimmers and without the assistance and guidance of technical officials, these events cannot be run.  Becoming a technical official is rewarding and an excellent way to contribute to the sport, spend time with your children, create great friendships and gain professional development.

Technical Official Accreditation

  • Accreditation
  • Swimming Australia, in conjunction with our State and Territory Swimming Associations, have created a National Technical Official Accreditation Program. This program aims to promote a professional approach to the identification, training and ongoing development of technical officials, for all levels of swimming, conducted by or on behalf of Swimming Australia.

    This accreditation and training program is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills, to officiate at all Swimming Australia events and events run under FINA regulations in any of the disciplines leading to the position of Referee. The target market for this course includes; currently accredited and operating officials looking to update/refresh their skills and individuals who are interested in becoming trained to officiate at ratified meets.

    General Principles of Officiating

    Clerk of Course

    Check Starter

    Timekeeper/Chief Timekeeper

    Judge of Stroke

    Inspector of Turns

  • Technical Official Pathways
  • This diagram from Swimming Australia shows the pool technical official roles that are available.  Technical officials start with General Principles, then can move up through the various roles as they see fit.  

    Technical Officials Pathway

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