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  1. A Swimmer wishing to transfer membership from one swimming club to another swimming club is required to gain clearance to transfer from their previous club and Swimming Northern Territory Inc. (SNTI) prior to the transfer.

  2. The Registrar of the club to which the Swimmer wishes to transfer must initiate a transfer using ClubLANE which will be processed by SNTI immediately upon agreement of the respective clubs and subject to the swimmer having no financial liabilities outstanding.

  3. A Swimmer's previous swimming club shall provide approval to transfer or otherwise to the Swimmer with 14 calendar days of the date of application.

  4. In the event that the previous Swimming Club fails or refuses to provide a response within 14 caledar days of the date of application, a Swimmer may refer the matter to SNTI for determination.

  5. If the online application for transfer request is received by SNTI within 30 calendar days of the commencement date of the NT Long Course Championships Meet the transfer will be processed as above, however the swimmer shall swim at that event as an UNATTACHED swimmer and thereby will not accrue Championship points for any club.

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