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Programs and Services to assist clubs

Club Swimming is the strength and success of swimming in Australia. It has been identified as a major priority with our Strategic Plan 2011 - 2016. We are very lucky that in Australia most of even the smallest country towns have access to a local swimming pool, and at most of those swimming pools you will find a local swimming club.

Swimming clubs in Australia are made up of swimmers, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers and administrators providing a fun and safe environment for kids and parents alike, many offering or having links to learn to swim schools, coaches and training, fun club race nights, and a strong social program.

In each of these sections you will find valuable information for each of the above mentioned groups including pathways, qualifying times and educational material. In the club info section you will find resources, information and links to help your club improve.


Club Development Resource Library

Australian Sports Commission - Club Development Resource Library

The Club Development Resource Library is a free web-based program that supports the development and management capacity of sporting clubs.

The library aims to assist clubs across Australia, in identifying ways in which each club may develop, in order to provide the best possible service to its members. The library is based on the principle of promoting continuous improvement.

To access the Club Development Resource Library visit the Australian Sports Commission website.




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