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National Technical Officials Accreditation Program


Swimming Australia, in conjunction with our State and Territory Swimming Associations, have created a National Technical Official Accreditation Program. This program aims to promote a professional approach to the identification, training and ongoing development of technical officials, for all levels of swimming, conducted by or on behalf of Swimming Australia.

This accreditation and training program is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills, to officiate at all Swimming Australia events and events run under FINA regulations in any of the disciplines leading to the position of Referee. The target market for this course includes; currently accredited and operating officials looking to update/refresh their skills and individuals who are interested in becoming trained to officiate at ratified meets.

The Nationally accredited training programs are delivered by the State and Territory Swimming Associations. For further information on undertaking technical official education, please contact Swimming Northern Territory.

In conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Swimming Australia is recognising the ASC Online Introductory Level Officiating General Principles course Start your officiating accreditation by completing the online course and then book in with your state association to do a specialist unit such as timekeeper or recorder.

The Swimming Australia General Officiating Principle course is still offered by State and Territory swimming associations if you do not wish to do the online course.

National Technical Officials Accreditation Cards

All accredited technical officials are issued with a National Technical Official Accreditation Card. The cards identify the units in which a technical official has achieved competency. Unit abbreviations stated on the card indicate:




CS Check Starter
S1 Starter Level One
S2 Starter Level Two
S3 Starter Level Three
MAR Marshal
R1 Referee Level One
R2 Referee Level Two
R3 Referee Level Three
TK Time Keeper
CTK Chief Time Keeper
REC Recorder
IOT Inspector of Turns
JOS Judge of Stroke
ANN Announcer
AOE Automatic Operating Equipment Operator
FJ Finish Judge
ROWS Referee Open Water Swimming
RSWD Referee Swimming With a Disability


Swimming Australia issues accreditation cards to all Australian technical officials. If you do not have a card, or your details are incorrect, please notify Swimming NT as soon as possible.



The free online course is now available on the ASC Learning Portal.

ASC Officials Online Course Flyer

National Technical Official Accreditation Program Brochure


Technical Officials Education Program


Check Starter



Chief Timekeeper

Inspector of Turns (IOT)

Judge of Stroke (JOS)



Referee OWS

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