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20 January 2019
No More

The NO MORE Campaign seeks to promote awareness of family violence and encourage men, in particular, to link arms to take action to reduce violence.

The key theme of the campaign is placing the responsibility of reducing family violence on men, the most common perpetrators. Central to the program is the respect of women. While men may have the power to be destructive, they have an equal power to care and look after their families. The reduction of family violence needs men to stand up, as individuals and a group, and take ownership for finding a solution. 

To engage with large numbers of men, it is important to be present where large numbers of men gather. Sport, therefore, acts as a way to engage with men on a large scale and is the ideal place to engage with men on family violence. On this basis, the campaign began to involve itself in the sporting community. 

Our swimming community now stands with other sporting codes linking arms as a sign of action to reduce family violence.  Click below for more information

No More

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