Our Business

Swimming Northern Territory seeks to:

  • promote and encourage participation in swimming as a lifelong healthy activity;
  • administer the sport for the benefit of all Members;
  • support and develop Affiliated Swimming Clubs and the Membership¬†pathways which feed into them;
  • be the peak body for Affiliated Swimming Clubs in the Northern Territory and to mutually support and promote the interests of swimming and its Members;
  • promote unity, collaboration and inter-organisation projects among SNTI Members;
  • assist Members to reach the highest level of swimming;
  • adopt appropriate policies of SAL in relation to member protection, equal opportunity, equity, drugs in sport, health, safety, junior and senior programs and other such matters;
  • stimulate public opinion in favour of providing proper facilities for developing the sport of swimming; and
  • work with all other swimming jurisdictions to promote and develop the sport of swimming in Australia.

We aim to exceed governance standards and provide the best opportunities and experiences for all of our members.

Strategic Plan


Values and Beliefs


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